AVECC Contractors – Where are they working?

Arkansas Valley Electric is working with several contract crews in the following areas:

Light Auditors – 

Light Auditors – 
Hartford Substation.

Light Auditors –
 Waldron Substation.

Light Auditors – 
Grand Prairie substation.

Light Auditors – 
Booneville Substation.

Underground – 
Crew working on Bill, Griffin, and Kevin Streets. Crew working on North Hills off of Rena Rd.

Ariel – (2) Crews working on interstate crossings near Dora and Lee Creek exits on I40. (1) Crew working on Rena Road.

Make Ready – 59 sub, areas around Old Uniontown and Pine Hollow Rds. Figure 5 sub, working in areas north of the office up Hwy 59 and Uniontown Hwy.

Roland sub, working all areas with Roland or Muldrow addresses. Oak Grove sub, southern part of Van Buren and west Kibler areas.

Right-of-way – John Hobbs sub, working around Hwy 282 in Rudy and north into Mountainburg and Chester.

Light auditors will be working around the Peter Pender and Carbon city substation area.

Underground – East Northridge Ridge Dr in Van Buren. This is part of the Legacy housing edition

Other Crews

Dora and Rena Rd
Old Uniontown and Pine Hollow Roads
North from Old Uniontown Road on 59 Hwy

Roland or Muldrowq
Hwy 282 in Rudy and north into Mountainburg and Chester

Small crew in Kibler area

Underground Construction Crews

Van Buren District
Red Oaks Drive area

12/17/18:  Joint Use Audit Inspectors

Ozark District
Puddin Ridge Substation:  Puddin Ridge, Hwy 64, Red Oak, Green Hollow, Adams, Cordell, Lille Lane, Powell, Wren Loop, Scenic View, Hornet Lane, White Oak. Mattie, Ivy Lane, Fair VIEW, Sandy Branch, Graf Old Hwy, Hickory Ridge, Sister Roads

Peter Pender substation:  Webb City, Hwy 96 Cecil areas

Waldron District
Booneville Substation:   Richardson, Jones, Weaver, Taylor, Hwy 23 north of Booneville, Hwy 116, Brewer, Davis, Cotton, Leftwich, Dogwood, Branch, Lakeview, Glover Daniels, Coulter Mountain, Koke Mountain, Northridge, Byers, Todd, R&R, Pisgah Mountain, Circle T Road, Bollie Stafford, Burton, Six Mile, Downs, Magnolia, Backbone, Long, Ray Davis, Barnhill Cemetery

Booneville Substation:  Barber ridge, Roy Franks, Zomes, Glendale, Vernon Hill, Dizzy Dean, James, Blythe, ECHO, Pine Log, Morgan, French Prairie, Page roads

Hartford Substation:  Hwy 96, Center Point, Happy Valley, Dalmutt, Gillham, Mountain VIEW, Cherokee Ridge, Railway, Ranz, Pine Lake, Lake Shore, Highlands, Lana, Chocoville, Byers, Johnnie Cake, Hwy 378, Rock, Creek, Henley, RELIEF, Rosewood, Tut hill Roads

Hartford Substation:  Patterson, Shiloh, Mountain View, Harmony Roads

Waldron substation:  Hwy 71 south of Waldron.

12/3/18:  Joint Use Audit Inspectors

Ozark District
Clarksville – Hwy 21 north
Peter Pender substation – Webb City, Hwy 96 Cecil areas

Pocola District
Hackett Substation – Bethel Road, Sebastian Lake Estates, Bear hollow Estates, Hwy 45 from Bethel Road to Shear wood, Bear Hollow road, South Fork Lane
Neff metering station

Waldron District
Greenwood substation – Leflure road to Mt. Harmony  to center street to 96 hwy. Witcherville road to Mt. Harmony to Milltown road, White Oak road, Hwy 252, Gray wolf, Pedro, Old Hwy 10. Witcherville road west, Roberts lane, Clark Chapel, Hwy 71, Coker, Young Ridge road, Watson, Palestine, Vineyard creek, Hendrix
Hwy 71 south of Waldron.

11/26/18:  Joint Use Pole Auditors

Van Buren District:
Crawford county is complete.

Ozark District:
Clarksville Substation north of Ozone/Oark area

Peter Pender Substation north on HWY 23 to Webb City on Hwy 96 west from Hwy 23 to Brazil road including Bridgeport Estates.

Pocola District:
Hackett substation east of the sub on Mt. Zion road to hwy 71 to Walmart, Denver Street, Center Street, Indian Hills addition, Grandview Addition, Webster Oaks Subdivision, Crooked Creek, Woodland Addition

Hackett substation west of the sub on Mt. Zion to Oklahoma border and South on Hwy 40.  To included Jensen Rd and Hwy to west of Hackett.

Waldron District:
Waldron substation Hwy 71, to Hwy 248, west  Sugar Grove road,  Jones road, Lucy road, Walker Mountain road these are all in Scott county

Beginning soon – Greenwood substation this will be from the substation going north on Lafleur road to Mount Harmony road.  To Burnsville road to hwy 10

Hwy 10 from best road to Milltown road

Mount Harmony road from Lafleur road go east to Withcherville road


From Alma area north or HWY 64 into Dean Springs, Dow Jones, Belmont, and Graffic areas.

South of Lowes in Van Buren to HWY 282 and Bond Special / Zion Rd intersection. Also, from Pointer Trail to 24th Street, across the interstate and back up HWY 282.

Finishing up areas from Pevehouse Rd and west up Dora Rd to the AR/OK state line and starting HWY 59 substation. Areas will include everything north of the interstate up HWY  59 to the Figure Five area and west up Old Uniontown and Pine Hollow Rds.

Finishing up Roland substation, working near the AR/OK state line and Saddleback Edition.

Continue to work Oak Grove substation, east of 40th Street in Van Buren to west of Clear Creek Rd in Kibler. North from Old Concord to south areas around Hollis Lake.

10/30/18:  Light inspectors will be working in the Clarksville area starting on Thursday 11/1.

9/11/18:  Every substation in the Crawford County area has contractors working through them at this point.

9/7/18:  Light inspectors are now working in the Figure Five area. Joint Use auditors are working in the Cedarville, Uniontown, Cove City and Mountainburg areas.

9/5/18:  Joint use pole audits around the Pine Hollow, Uniontown, Natural Dam, and Cedarville areas.

Pole inspection crews working around the Alma area this week.

Tree service crews will be working around Dora Road, Parks Ridge addition, and Pevehouse Road in Van Buren over the next two weeks.

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-468-2176.