Arkansas Valley Electric to be Featured on National Television Program, “World’s Greatest”

Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation (AVECC) will be featured on the “World’s Greatest” television show.

The “World’s Greatest” reached out to AVECC to be featured on the show. AVECC Technology and Communications Manager Brandon Fisher headed up the project.

“They reached out to us, and we then went through an interview/application process, at which point we were chosen.

“We were able to work with How 2 Media producers to get their camera crews to Ozark for a full day shoot,” Fisher added.

The segment will feature Wave Rural Connect, which is bringing high-speed internet, television, and telephone services to the Arkansas and Oklahoma River Valley.

“Much like Arkansas Valley Electric has done for over 80 years, our goal is for WRC to be a local provider of a technology that is a necessary tool for success in today’s age yet isn’t widely available to most of rural America. By making fiber technologies accessible to rural western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, we can help mold the next generation of doctors, nurses, teachers, entrepreneurs, and community changers. That is our ultimate goal,” stated Fisher.

The episode featuring AVECC and WRC will air on 12/21/2020 (December 21st, 2020) and 1/4/2021 (January 4th, 2021).



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