AVECC Control Center Coordinator John Yates Named the Employee of the Year for 2020

Each year, AVECC employees nominate a coworker who they believe has highly represented AVECC, excelled in their position, and positively impacted the company.

The employee chosen award was an honor for John. “I feel extremely honored and blessed to receive this award. It means a lot to me. It’s great to work for a company that truly appreciates its employees, and we have some of the best people working here at Arkansas Valley Electric,” he stated.

Director of Engineering and Operations, Barret Ewing, stated, “It is no surprise to me that John’s fellow employees recognized him for this award.   He understands the importance of teamwork and has impacted Arkansas Valley with his dedication, hard work, and commitment to our goal of providing safe and reliable power. He shows this through his actions and makes us a stronger team.”

CEO Al Simpson added, “”The Arkansas Valley Electric Employee of the Year award is such an excellent achievement for those nominated and for the employee that is fortunate enough to earn it because their peers select them. John, like those selected before him, has earned the respect of all AVECC employees by working hard, treating everyone with respect, and playing an essential role at our cooperative when it comes to providing our members with safe, reliable, and affordable energy.”


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