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Report Outages from Anywhere

Now you can report an outage from our
Member Service Portal or Smartphone App!

Just login to your account from your PC or smartphone. Enter/confirm your contact phone number, confirm that your power is out, add any comments that might help us restore your power (pole down, tree on line, etc.) and click “Report Outage”. From the Smartphone App, you also have the option to “Request for Callback” if you would like to be notified when the power comes back on.

Report Outage

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Report Outage

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Outage Reporting Tips

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Here are a few simple tips that will help you quickly and accurately report a power outage:


When reporting by phone, call our 24 hour automated outage reporting system at 1-866-862-8322. Please have your account number and phone number listed on the account readily available. Please note that during widespread or prolonged outages, the phone lines may become congested and reporting online may be a better option if available.


Go to our homepage and click “Outage Center” then click “View Outage” button to see the number of members currently affected by outages and their locations. Click on the “Report Outage” button to see several options offered by AVECC to report your power outage. Please have your account number, phone number, or meter number readily available. Reporting online ensures no busy signals and enters your outage directly into our system.


In the event of a major prolonged outage, important news and restoration updates will be posted on our homepage under Outage Information or News Center/Featured Post Outage Update. You may also sign up to receive outage updates and information via email.

Facebook & Twitter

Outage information and restoration updates will also be available on our Facebook page at MyEnergyAVECC and now on Twitter @MyEnergyAVECC. However, please DO NOT report power outages on Facebook or Twitter!

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