To report a power outage, simply dial our toll-free number — 1-866-TOAVECC (or 1-866-862-8322) and follow the voice prompts.

If you are calling from a phone number that is associated with your account, the system utilizes caller-id functionality and will automatically identify your account number. If you are calling from another number, you may enter your account number, which can be found on your monthly bill, or look-up your account number by entering the phone number associated with your account.

Once we have verified your account number, you can report an outage by pressing “1”.

You may also login and report an outage online via the Member Service Portal or from our mobile app on your smartphone.

Click Here to print, clip, fill out your account & phone numbers, and save for future reference.

For my Home

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This will be of great benefit during a widespread outage when other phone lines can get congested. When the power is restored to your home or business, and if requested, the system will automatically call you back to assure your power has been restored. We must have your correct phone number on file for the call-back option to work. Update my phone numbers.