Attaching signs to power poles is illegal!

Power line poles may seem like an inviting place to post a garage sale sign or mount your satellite dish.  Please don’t.  It is not only illegal to do so but such attachments also pose some very dangerous conditions for utility line workers.

Arkansas State law and National Electric Safety Codes state no items shall be attached to utility poles without approval from the owner/operator.

You may be thinking, “What’s one little sign going to hurt?”  What you may not have thought about is obstacles such as garage sale signs and satellite dishes, nails, pins, and staples make climbing a pole extremely dangerous for utility linemen.  Working on or near power lines is dangerous enough without added hazards on poles.

During ice storms or other major outages obstacles like these make restoring power more difficult for crews, even delaying the process.

Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative’s best advice is to choose another location to post signs, banners, or any other objects.  If you decide to set your own post, you must call Arkansas “One Call” (Dial 811) before digging.

Part of Arkansas Valley Electric’s mission is to provide safe electricity.  That goes for our members and our employees.   We need your cooperation to provide our line workers with a safe work environment.  If you see other safety hazards related to your cooperative’s system, please call us at 800-468-2176.

Note: Utility companies are allowed to post identification tags on their own poles.

National Electric Safety Code page (see paragraphs 4 and 5).