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Any AVECC Office

Automatic Bank Draft * #

Automatic Credit Card Draft * – AVECC accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Pay by Phone *
1-866-916-4556 (Automated Attendant) (Visa, MasterCard/Debit or Credit), American Express, and Discover.

AVECC Mobile App *

Additional Places to Pay:  PaySite Kiosks *

* No Convenience Fees

+ Use this Portal to set-up or update Auto-Recurring payments, One-Time scheduled payments or Pay your bill now, for your electric bill. This is a self-service Portal.

# You CANNOT use this Portal to update Bank Draft, which is set up and maintained by AVECC only.  If you are on Bank Draft, the funds will draft from your selected bank account on the bill due date. If you are unsure if you are on Bank Draft or Auto-Recurring payments, please contact our office to clarify.

CAUTION:  Selection of an Auto-Pay date later than your due date could result in additional fees and possible interruption of service.The due date of your electric bill varies from month to month, year to year, so it is your responsibility to check the due date on your bill and set your Auto-pay to process on or before the due date.

CAUTION:  Watch out for duplicate payments.  If you set a One-Time payment (scheduled in the future) and a Pay Bill Now, this will result in duplicate payments.  AVECC will not be responsible for fees associated with duplicate payments set up on the Self-Service Portal.