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Marathon Water Heaters

The big things folks notice about the new Marathon are all the features it has

Some things you see right away – like its tough but lightweight polyethylene outer shell. Other things don’t become apparent until you’ve owned a Marathon for a while – like the fact that it is incredibly energy efficient – or the value of the Marathon water heater being warranted not to leak for as long as you own your home. Sounds too good to be true? This time it is true.

Other features that make the Marathon water heater the best buy:

  • No anode rod is needed – nothing to corrode in the heater
  • Its tough outer shell makes it virtually impervious to shipping damage
  • Marathon has the best warranty and longest life available
  • Marathon 40 gallon water heater only weighs 81 pounds
  • Marathon 50 gallon water heater only weighs 91 pounds
  • Marathon water heaters are the most efficient available typically paying for themselves in under five years
  • These touches add up to one thing: real long-term value for as long as you own your home

Marathon Water Heater 2015 prices.*

MR1512015 gallon$674
MR2012020 gallon$699
MR2023020 gallon$723
MR3024530 gallon$968
MR4024540 gallon$981
50 gallon $1029
50 gallon$1161
105 gallon $1656
105 gallon $1477
PRO H40 T2
40 gallon $1801
PRO H50 T2
50 gallon $1869
PRO H65 T2
60 gallon$2284
PRO H80 T2
80 gallon $2698

*Plus 8.5% tax
Prices subject to change.

To Order:
Utility Sales & Services Division
Arkansas Electric Cooperatives, INC
Telephone: 501-570-2332
Fax: 800-699-0676
Payment: Visa, Mastercard, Check, Cash

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