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Cajun Cookin' with Clay - The Co-op Cookin' Show

In the mood for a warm and savory meal to feed your whole family this fall? Join Barbara, Emily, and special guest star Clay Crowley, as they travel to Waldron and prepare Clay's famous jambalaya!

Clay's Jambalaya

3 lbs of andouille sausage (Cut in 1/4 slices)

3 lbs of pork shoulder or boston butt (cubed)

1/3 lb bacon (cut thinly)

3 lbs of boneless skinless chicken thighs (cubed)

1 large white onion (chopped up)

4 large bell peppers (chopped up)

1 stalk celery (chopped up)

3 bulbs of garlic minced

Kitchen bouquet 1 bottle

Hot sauce 1/3 of a bottle

Black pepper to taste

5 tablespoons of salt

Cajun seasoning to taste

6 liters of water

12 cups of rice 

  1. Brown the sausage and bacon and remove to a pan (cover with aluminum foil)

  2. Cook the pork (season it with salt and pepper) and cook until the liquid is gone and the pork is brown. Then remove to a pan. Be careful not to scrape the bottom of the pan.

  3. Add onion, bell pepper, and celery mix to pan and cook for a few minutes.

  4. Add the chicken thighs and cook until the mixture is brown and vegetables are soft.

  5. Add the sausage and pork back to the pot.

  6. Add the garlic, seasonings and water.

  7. Bring to a boil then turn off the heat and let it cool for 20 minutes.

  8. Scrape off the oil off the top and discard.

  9. Bring back to a boil and add the rice.

  10. Add cajun seasoning to taste.

  11. Cover the pot and cook until rice is done.

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