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Audreia Qualls | Employee Spotlight

Audreia Qualls
Member Services Representative | 3 Years 

"As an MSR, I am often the first person members speak to when they call into the cooperative. I answer phone calls, work in the lobby, help with the mail, and create service orders, all depending on the current work schedule. I get to answer many questions, which is sometimes challenging, but it's a joy to consistently learn something new about your job. No matter my role, I want to ensure it's a good experience for our members. I want them to know that they're cared for and that we try to provide the best quality service possible.

I want members to know that we, as employees, feel cared for. It's very much a family environment. We cheer for other co-workers, from the top to the bottom. Everybody genuinely cares for other people, which also goes for our members."

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