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The Crucial Role of Tree Trimming in Ensuring Reliable Electricity


Trees and power lines can present significant dangers if not regularly pruned throughout the growing season. Maintaining effective tree trimming and vegetation control in right-of-way areas is essential for ensuring reliable electricity service. These practices assist in keeping power lines clear of tree branches, speeding up power outage repairs, and reducing unexpected maintenance expenses.

The responsibility for tree trimming and vegetation upkeep lies not only with your local cooperative but is also mandated by the Arkansas Public Service Commission and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

You can support our crews and contractors in preserving rights-of-way and guaranteeing dependable electric service by:

• Contacting AVECC if you spot a tree limb or dead tree that could fall on a power line.
• Considering the eventual height of trees when choosing planting spots. Always dial 811 before planting to have underground utilities marked.
• Keeping vehicles, farm equipment, deer stands, fences, buildings, and other structures away from rights-of-way.

Tree trimming and vegetation maintenance play a crucial role in delivering safe and reliable electric service. For further details, reach out to AVECC.

If you have any concerns, please call us at 479.213.2176. For more about electrical safety, visit

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