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Meet AVECC's 2024 Senior Scholarship Recipients

by Emily Reames 

Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation (AVECC) is proud to announce the three recipients of the 2024 AVECC Senior Scholarship. These outstanding students will receive $2,500 to support their educational aspirations beyond high school.

The application process includes an online application and an essay titled "How I Will Use My Degree to Change My Community." Finalists also participated in an in-person interview with the scholarship committee. AVECC selected three outstanding high school seniors from a competitive pool of approximately fifty-five applicants. 

Brandon Fisher, AVECC's Director of Technology and Communications expressed the significance of the program, "AVECC's Senior Scholarship Program is a worthwhile endeavor for the cooperative because it invests in the future of our community. By supporting the education of our young members, we not only help them achieve their dreams but also cultivate a new generation of skilled and knowledgeable individuals who can contribute to the growth and success of the communities we serve. This initiative reflects our commitment to fostering long-term prosperity.

It demonstrates the cooperative's dedication to positively impacting the lives of our members and the communities they call home."

Since its inception in 2021, AVECC's Senior Scholarship Program has proudly awarded $27,500 to deserving students in the River Valley. AVECC proudly announces Isabell Swafford, Peyton Martin, and Destany Fields as the 2024 AVECC Senior Scholarship recipients this year.

Isabell Swafford recently graduated from Muldrow High School and plans to study Psychology and Pre-Law at the University of Arkansas. She is passionate about the safety and well-being of those around her and hopes to find a career that allows her to ensure these things.

Isabell shares, "I plan to use my degree to [help] reform Native American court systems. Many crimes and violations of the law directly affect Native Americans. I hope to aid [in change] and allow justice to be given to the Native people in my community."

Peyton Martin recently graduated from Mansfield High School and plans to play baseball and study welding at the University of Arkansas-Rich Mountain. He hopes to return to his hometown and give back to those who have invested so much in him. Peyton explains, "By starting my own welding business, I can economically contribute to the Mansfield community and empower individuals with a well-paying, rewarding job. Additionally, I hope to one day mentor and encourage others to pursue welding as a career."

Destany Fields recently graduated from Oark High School and plans to study Elementary Education at the University of Central Arkansas. She holds great pride in where she is from and aspires to return to Oark with a teaching degree and continue to enrich the lives of those around her. Destany shares, "If I go back to where I'm from, I can relate to the struggle of going to a small school in the middle of nowhere… I know there are endless opportunities for a strong leader in my community, and I plan to return to Oark and leave a lasting impression."

AVECC congratulates all 2024 graduates and looks forward to watching the next generation grow and improve our communities.

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