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Intern Spotlight - Ryan Morris

by Kendell Friemel

Ryan Morris, an upcoming junior electrical and computer engineering major at Arkansas Tech University, is interning in the Engineering Department at AVECC's Headquarters in Ozark this summer. As an Alma native, Ryan has always been fascinated with utilities, even doing a history project on the Rural Electrification Act, which is why AVECC is around today.
"I recently finished my circuits courses where we talked about how power interacts with each other and how power operates. That's useful for understanding what I'm doing when programming or analyzing AVECC data."
"I do various things, mainly computer work, programming, getting devices programmed, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. Doing a bunch of just different jobs for the engineers so they can focus on bigger things, like keeping the power on."
This summer is Ryan's second year interning at the cooperative, and while he has yet to have a clear idea of the future, he states that his experience at AVECC will impact his career choice. "There's been many moments where you come to work and have fun, and you get to talk to these people and ask them what's going on in their life. You're not just going to work and sweat all day, but you're also going to experience things with other people and have fun with them."

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