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10 Ways To Prep Your House For Cold Weather

10 quick ways to prepare your home for cold weather with Energy Efficiency Expert, Wendy Kozeny

Colder weather is coming into the River Valley area next week. We want all of our members to remain safe and warm during these harsh temperatures. Here are 10 quick ways to prepare your home for cold weather, all of which can be done over the weekend!

  1. For any pipe exposed to outside elements or in a heated space, use pipe wrap to insulate. Or when temperatures are below freezing, allow a steady trickle of water to flow through pipes to avoid freezing.
  2. Use expanding foam to seal up gaps under the sinks where your drains and water lines come through the cabinet or wall.
  3. Inspect the Weather Strip on the door. Make sure it isn’t worn or chewed and looks new. If you see light around the door, then cold air is seeping into your house. Replacing Weather Strip is a quick and inexpensive replacement. YouTube or google for examples. Check with your local hardware store or chain store for supplies.
  4. Windows are an easy place for air to get in your house. Consider using inside window plastic. This is available at Wal-Mart and Lowes. It stops the drafts as well as condensation that may form on windows.
  5. If your attic can be accessed from within the house, use a weatherstrip around the rim where the attic panel rests to stop air leaks from the attic. Use two to three inches of foam board to stop the heat from moving through the board and into the attic, (and vice versa in the summer.) Glue the foam board to the back of the panel.
  6. If you have a heat pump, make sure the thermostat is set to Heat and not Emergency Heat.
  7. The best winter temperature setting for your wallet is 68’F. Balance comfort with cost.
  8. If you have a unit that requires air filters, make sure you change your filters monthly. This can reduce your bill by as much as $25.
  9. Insulate wall outlets with foam pads. Be sure to occupy both plugs with either an electric appliance plug or the baby safe plugs to realize the full air sealing potential.
  10. Be sure the return Air grills are not blocked by furniture or bookcases.

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