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AVECC’s Members Limit Use Of Non-Essential Electricity To Avoid Blackouts

At AVECC, we strive to always be there for our members. It is amazing to see our members do the same and help one another when it matters most. We appreciate each and every member who is helping keep the lights on in the River Valley. We want all of our members to stay safe and warm while encouraging everyone to limit the use of non-essential electric items.
At this time, we have only been asked to make preliminary preparations in case we need to preserve power. Because of the arctic conditions in most of the US, power producers or companies that we buy power from are asking us to be ready to strategically plan outages if the need arises. We have not been asked to suspend any power at this time, but we must be ready if asked. We will be updating our Facebook page and website with any new information that becomes available.

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