Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit organization owned by the member/consumers we service. Every year, any profits from the operation of the business are credited back to the members/consumers we serve.

Each year we send a notice to our present members to let them know the amount of Capital Credits allocated for that year. The profits are allocated back to each member based on how much electricity they used in that year. Beginning in 2014, it will be printed on the bill you receive in April. This change will benefit our members by eliminating the additional postage costs.

The cooperative’s Board of Directors, after carefully considering the financial needs of the cooperative, determines the schedule for repayment of the capital credits. Many times members move away from the area without leaving a forwarding address, making it almost impossible to locate them when it comes time to pay capital credits. It is very important for former members to keep the cooperative informed of their current address so they can receive their checks.

If you have questions about any capital credits you may be due or would like more information about our capital credit payment history, simply call us at 1-800-468-2176 or email us.