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New Electric Service

When applying for electric service, the Cooperative requires a $25.00 membership fee and a $10.00 connect fee. The membership fee makes you a part owner of your own electric company – Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation.

In addition to the above fees, a security deposit may be required.

Small Commercial: The standard deposit is $250. The deposit must be paid in full with the application.

Residential: The standard deposit is $200.00. The deposit can be paid in full with the application or in installments: $100.00 due upon application and remainder in two $50.00 payments with first two bills. Your deposit with interest will be refunded after 12 consecutive on-time payments (NO late payments within a 12 month period).

Deposits may be waived by providing one of the following items:

  • A letter of credit from your previous electric utility reflecting good payment history.
  • A present member of Arkansas Valley Electric with a good credit standing with the Cooperative can sign as a Third Party Guarantee for the new member.
  • NO DEPOSITS required with PrePay!

For more information on deposits or how to apply for new service, click here to e-mail us or call one of our district offices.

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