To establish a new electric account with Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative, click the “Apply For New Service” button below to apply online, or come by one of the offices in person and fill out a residential or business (select in drop-down) application for membership.

NOTE:  Other than new construction, please do not submit this application prior to 14 calendar days of the date you would like service connected. After the form is submitted, a member service representative will contact you for further information, instructions, and/or payment while processing your request. Please have the location or meter number readily available when applying. The location number can be found on the green and silver sticker located on the meter base. If you do not have access or cannot find the location number, click here to email us for assistance.

Requests received after 4:30 PM will be processed the next business day.

Apply For New Service

New Electric Service

When applying for electric service, the Cooperative requires a $25.00 membership fee and a $10.00 connect fee. The membership fee makes you a part owner of your own electric company – Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative Corporation.

In addition to the above fees, a security deposit may be required.

Small Commercial: The standard deposit is $250. The deposit must be paid in full with the application.

Residential: The standard deposit is $200.00. The deposit can be paid in full with the application or in installments: $100.00 due upon application and remainder in two $50.00 payments with first two bills. Your deposit with interest will be refunded after 12 consecutive on-time payments (NO late payments within a 12 month period).

Deposits may be waived by providing one of the following items:

  • A letter of credit from your previous electric utility reflecting good payment history.
  • A present member of Arkansas Valley Electric with a good credit standing with the Cooperative can sign as a Third Party Guarantee for the new member.
  • NO DEPOSITS required with PrePay!

For more information on deposits or how to apply for new service, click here to e-mail us or call one of our district offices.