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Is Your Bathroom Safe?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, 

is my bathroom SAFE for all?

Do you hog the bathroom? According to a YouGov survey, 38% of women and 21% of men spend more than 30 minutes each day getting ready. That is 7.6 days spent in the bathroom each year!

Do not underestimate the potential for electrical hazards in your house’s smallest room. To stay safe while primping or getting clean:

  1. Ensure ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are installed and working properly.
  2. Use all electrical appliances away from the sink, tub, toilet and shower.
  3. Make sure cords and electrical items are in good condition.
  4. Do not extend a cord’s reach to use a cell phone (or another device) near the tub or shower.
  5. Do not plug too many things into an outlet or circuit.
  6. Ensure light fixtures in the shower are covered and exhaust fans are free from lint, dirt and grime. 
  7. Make sure your bathroom meets local and National Electrical Code requirements.

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