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Our News: Electricity Safety

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Is Your Bathroom Safe?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, is my bathroom SAFE for all?Do you hog the...

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Planting The Right Tree In The Right Place

Many people plant trees during the spring, around National Arbor Day.There...

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Teach Children Outdoor Electrical Safety

Sunny, warm days and summer activities lead children outdoors. But before y...

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Home Safe Home

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, faulty home electrical wiring ca...

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Driving Safety: Electrical Equipment and Power Lines

While driving any time of year, be aware of electrical hazards you may enco...

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Get Ready Before Severe Weather Strikes

The United States is quite prone to severe weather. Thunderstorms, lightnin...

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Space Heaters Are NOT the Best Solution to Heat Your Home

Small space heaters are meant to do exactly as their name says: Heat a smal...

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Electrical Safety Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season brings families and loved ones together for celebration....

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Keep Electrical Spooks From Haunting Your Halloween

More and more people decorate their yards for Halloween with elaborate ligh...

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Helping Others Means Safety First

Good Samaritans are characterized as people who have the desire to help tho...

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