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Our News: Energy Efficiency

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Pocola Schools Takes a Stand for Sustainability with 7 New Electric Buses

by Emily StatonAfter receiving a government grant covering the bus cost and...

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Free and Easy Ways to Save Energy

Free and Easy Ways to Save Energy!  Spoiler Alert: Your clothes and di...

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Money-Saving Tips for Summer Energy Bill

Stay cool while saving energy and lowering your electric bill this summer w...

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Energy Efficient Pies - The Co-op Cookin' Show

Join Barbara and Emily, the multimedia team at Arkansas Valley Electric, as...

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Simple Steps To Lower Heating Costs And Keep You Warm

While cold temperatures mean higher heating bills, don’t forget some...

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10 Ways To Prep Your Home For Cold Weather

10 Ways To Prep Your Home For Cold Weather with Energy Efficiency Expert, W...

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Increasing Your Brain Power: Fun Energy Facts

Did you know that although Americans account for 4.25 percent of the world&...

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Prepare Your Home For Spring Weather

You are likely stuck in the mindset of how to be energy efficient while kee...

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