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Our News: Employee Spotlight

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Employee Spotlight - Travis Moore

Travis Moore Construction Foreman | 25 years “I am a Waldro...

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Employee Spotlight - Tony Wilson

Tony WilsonCommunications Coordinator | 16 1/2 years"I manage personne...

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Employee Spotlight- Stacy McCabe

Stacy McCabe | Fiber Project Coordinator2 yearsAs a fiber project coordinat...

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Zach Sullins Employee Spotlight

Van Buren Construction Foreman | 10 years"I perform the duties of a jo...

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Zach Pettis | Ozark North Serviceman | 8 years

"I've been blessed with the opportunity to serve the cooperative a...

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Employee Spotlight- Wendy Kozeny

"My position with AVECC involves conducting energy audits for members&...

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Employee Spotlight- Don Easom

During his time at Arkansas Valley, Don Easom has served the members in man...

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Employee Spotlight- Roxie Smith

ROXIE SMITH Member Services Representative | 21.5 Years“I overse...

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