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Evelyn Leding - Plugging In Potential

Evelyn Leding | MSR InternAs a Sophomore Musical Education Major at Arkansa...

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Aundrae Milam - Plugging In Potential

As a recent County Line High School graduate, Aundrae is interning at Arkan...

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Employee Spotlight- Larry Walker

"I have worked for Arkansas Valley Electric for 30 years. For over hal...

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Military Appreciation Month

May is Military Appreciation Month By Anne Prince Servi...

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Levi Young - Employee Spotlight

Levi Young GIS Analyst | 4.5 Years "I have been a GIS Analys...

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AVECC Lineman Photos by District Office

In honor of Lineman Appreciation Month, here's a special spotlight on t...

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Bronson Inge - Employee Spotlight

Bronson IngeVan Buren Serviceman | 10 Years"I have been with AVECC for...

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Garon Taylor | Employee Spotlight

Garon Taylor Lineman | 3 Years #EmployeeSpotlight“As a lineman for th...

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Wes English - Employee Spotlight

Wes English Pocola District Superintendent | 24 Years"I started w...

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Amber Canada - Employee Spotlight

Amber Canada IT Analyst | 10 Years"I have worked at AVECC for 10...

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Lauren Robinson - Employee Spotlight

Lauren Robinson Director of Accounting and Finance | 10 Years &qu...

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Steven Black Named AVECC Employee of the Year 2022

Steven Black’s cooperative journey began in 1992 at 19 years old. He...

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